The Dip: A Surprisingly Common Scenario for New Leaders January 18, 2019 Posted in: Blog, Dr. Francis Eberle

By Dr. Francis Eberle

I was recently asked how I would coach a highly successful employee who had been promoted to supervise a team. After the promotion, this individual’s performance, and subsequently that of the team, dropped dramatically. He experienced what might be called “The Dip.” 

I wish this was an uncommon scenario. 

Companies often make the mistake of taking employees who are succeeding in non-supervisory roles and promoting them to management roles—without adequate support for the new function—and expecting them to thrive. Read More

THE 6 STAGES OF A LEADER’S JOURNEY January 11, 2019 Posted in: Blog, Ron Price

By Ron Price 

I recently gave a presentation on the stages of leadership where I began by challenging the audience to tell me what they thought the six stages were. They huddled into groups, brainstorming the stages and validating their ideas to one another. Then several of the groups read their answers aloud, hoping to match my list. There was plenty of laughter and some groaning as I told each group that while their list was thoughtful, it didn’t match the six stages I had come to talk about that day. 

I give this example to demonstrate how different the leader’s journey can be for each person, as well as how we each perceive the steps on that journey differently, depending on where they fall in our lives. Here are the six stages of leadership I presented that day: 

Read More

What Not to Do in 2019 January 4, 2019 Posted in: Blog, Whit Mitchell

By Whit Mitchell

At this time of year, there is no shortage of people telling us what to do to make the next year a success. I’m going to take a slightly different approach and tell you what not to do.

Don’t set goals that sound good.
Instead of shooting blindly ahead, now is a great time to look back on 2018. What worked well for you this year? What didn’t work so well? What could have gone better? And what can you change to see success? Don’t fall into the trap of setting lofty goals that look good on paper or sound good when you say them out loud. You may miss reaching them in if they aren’t realistic, or if you don’t have a passion for achieving them. Think SMART when setting goals, and make sure they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

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The 6 Essential Innovation Personalities April 9, 2018 Posted in: Articles/Media, Evans Baiya PhD

By Dr. Evans Baiya,, March 2018

Innovation is fundamental to grow and sustain an organization. Yet when it comes to innovation, leaders often make the mistake of involving the wrong team members in the process, which ultimately stalls or kills the initiative.

What if I told you there are just six high-performing innovation personalities that are all necessary to get the innovation job done? While every person on your team is capable of contributing to innovation, they all contribute differently. Personality matters when it comes to innovation projects. And it is not possible to develop and scale an innovation without each of these personalities. Read More

Four Ways Creativity Turns Your ‘Job’ Into Your Life’s Work April 9, 2018 Posted in: Articles/Media, Courtney Feider

By Courtney Feider,, March 2018

We are born with all of the creative gifts we can ever use. Then they are systematically programmed out of us by the demands of modern life.

In 1965, a thoughtful researcher named George Land developed a creativity test for NASA to help select innovative engineers and scientists. The study worked so well in practice that in 1968 he decided to test it on children. Land concluded that it would be very important to test creativity over a period of time. So he analyzed the creativity of 1,600 children ranging from 3-5 years old. He then re-tested the same children at 10 years of age and again at 15 years of age. Read More

10 Things Effective Leaders Do to Encourage Innovation January 11, 2018 Posted in: Articles/Media, Evans Baiya PhD

By Dr. Evans Baiya,, December 2017

When I work with companies on innovation projects, whether it’s industry-changing new products and services or smaller-scale ideas to streamline internal processes, I often see leaders and their teams struggling to freely ideate and really dive into the brainstorm process. When they do finally get there, it’s a big aha moment, but it takes a while.

The reason is simple: When ideation isn’t second nature, it’s because company culture hasn’t been supporting it. This is understandable. In today’s fast-paced marketplace, there is hardly time for breath, let alone innovative thought and brainstorm sessions around the future of the industry, company or department. Read More

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The 6 Stages of a Leader’s Journey (Series Ep. 1) January 16, 2019 Posted in: Dale Dixon, Ron Price

Host Dale Dixon and Executive Advisor Ron Price talk about the Leader’s Journey, starting with the first two stages. Ron explains how he discovered the stages, the role initiative plays in leadership, and the three functions of a leader. He also shares the three primary ways to develop self awareness and tools to evaluate whether a leadership opportunity is a good fit.

Integrity in Your Position as a Leader (Series Ep. 3) December 22, 2018 Posted in: Dale Dixon, Ron Price

Host Dale Dixon and Executive Advisor Ron Price finish their conversation about leadership influence this week, as they dive into what it means to have integrity as a leader. Ron discusses how positional leadership impacts your followers, and how to develop integrity as a leader–both expert and character integrity–as well as three questions to ask yourself.

Integrity of Expertise (Series Ep. 2) December 12, 2018 Posted in: Dale Dixon, Ron Price

Host Dale Dixon and Executive Advisor Ron Price continue their discussion of leading with character, based on Ron’s recent book, Growing Influence. Ron gives the definition of integrity in expert leadership, and outlines the importance of continuous learning to maintain integrity of expertise as a leader. He also dives into what it means to create value for others as a leader, and how you can shift your expertise with intention.

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Authenticity: The Foundation For Trust January 9, 2019 Posted in: Ron Price, Video

In this short video, Executive Coach, Speaker, and Author Ron Price shares his insights on the best ways to be authentic in your personal life and as a leader.

The Direct Pathway to Your Future December 18, 2018 Posted in: Mindy Bortness, Video

In this video, president and founder of Communication Works, Inc., and The Complete Leader faculty member Mindy Bortness shares her thoughts on the importance of tomorrow’s leaders embracing continuous learning as both a personal and an organizational value in order to create a culture of growth and competitiveness.

The Ability to Create Your Future December 5, 2018 Posted in: Shawn Kent Hayashi, Video

In this 3-minute video, High Performing Teams consultant and coach Shawn Kent Hayashi talks about how tomorrow’s leaders will need to think further into the future, and implement ideas in a timely manner, to remain competitive in a world that will change faster than we can understand. In this section, you will learn skills needed to sharpen your ability to predict changes long before your competition.

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