Are we solving the right problem? July 18, 2019 Posted in: Blog

By David Quinlan

Imagine an iceberg floating in the middle of the sea. Above the surface sits the impressive tip and rugged edges. What you do not see is what rests below the surface – a massive glacier with peaks and valleys and mass that comprises 90 percent of the entire body.

Defining a problem is like an iceberg. Many organizations make the mistake of trying to fix what they can see above the surface and ignore the root of a problem that sits below the surface.

Just like an iceberg, the deeper we go into the world of innovation, the more we discover. And as leaders, it’s our job to find the truth and identify a problem for what it really is versus what we think it is.

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Legitimate Leadership Authenticity: The Great Debate July 11, 2019 Posted in: Blog

By Chip Scholz

I hear a lot of buzz around the words “authentic leadership”. Some demand more, while others debate its meaning. Regardless, smart leaders recognize the cries of dissatisfaction and seek ways to engage others with passion, authenticity and long-term value.

Legitimate leadership authenticity begins with self-knowledge: your values, thoughts, and actions. It carries with it a set of moral obligations. Leaders must avoid deception, contradiction, hidden agendas and ulterior motives. 

Leadership experts like Bill George, a senior fellow at Harvard Business School, have studied how authenticity impacts organizations—and how a lack of it destroys them. Distant and insincere leadership repels people, causing multiple dysfunctions. Only legitimate authenticity works.Read More

Opposites That Feed Each Other July 4, 2019 Posted in: Blog, Jalene Case

Tips to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Be More Productive

By Jalene Case

Bring to mind your last off-the-grid, disconnected-style vacation. If you can’t think of one, you’re not alone. Even though we know (somewhere deep down!) that taking a complete break from work will increase our work productivity, we often resist.

I recently returned from a one-week vacation during which I fasted from email and social media. The urge to check-check-check was mighty. It reminded me of a chicken’s endless drive to peck-peck-peck its food. The problem was that my habit of continually checking was not nourishing me! Instead, I was doing a great job of sustaining a constant level of alertness mixed with anxiety, which was depleting my energy.

My coach wisely challenged me to leave my phone at home. I involuntarily gasped and wondered to myself, Could I do that? After negotiating, I agreed to take my phone so I could use the travel apps, and hide the email and social media apps so I wouldn’t check them for a week.

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How to Build a Team That Will Transform Your Company July 16, 2019 Posted in: Articles/Media, Evans Baiya PhD

By Dr. Evans Baiya,, July 2019

Are you looking for the next big thing? Searching for an idea that will attract new customers, improve your offerings, or simply give you a leg up on your competition? The good news is you probably have most of what you need already at your fingertips: Your employees will be the defining factor to your success. And creating new value can be easier than you think if you get the right tools and processes in place.

You may have the inspiration or the original idea, but it is your employees who will execute that vision—and maybe even improve upon it—if you give them the right tools. It is impossible for a leader to single-handedly transform a company, thus the adage: “Leadership is the art of getting things done through people.” Large-scale change requires the work of a team.Read More

Men Needed! March 19, 2019 Posted in: Articles/Media, Evans Baiya PhD

By Stacy Ennis,, February 2019

An Open Conversation About Women in Leadership

It was 7:45 a.m. on a Tuesday. My team and I were waiting on participants for a breakfast meetup we had organized at a global conference. The topic was Women in Leadership.

The meetup was meant to be an open, candid conversation about the state of women in leadership. But the event description included something you don’t often see for these types of meetups: “Men, we hope you’ll join us.”

That morning, our space filled quickly. We brought in more tables and chairs, and yet people still kept coming. The room was packed. We had attendees from all over the world, each with different backgrounds and experiences. The diversity in the room was beautiful.

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The 6 Essential Innovation Personalities April 9, 2018 Posted in: Articles/Media, Evans Baiya PhD

By Dr. Evans Baiya,, March 2018

Innovation is fundamental to grow and sustain an organization. Yet when it comes to innovation, leaders often make the mistake of involving the wrong team members in the process, which ultimately stalls or kills the initiative.

What if I told you there are just six high-performing innovation personalities that are all necessary to get the innovation job done? While every person on your team is capable of contributing to innovation, they all contribute differently. Personality matters when it comes to innovation projects. And it is not possible to develop and scale an innovation without each of these personalities. Read More

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The Leader as Innovator June 19, 2019 Posted in: Dale Dixon, Ron Price

Host Dale Dixon and Executive Advisor Ron Price discuss the role of the leader as an innovator. Ron tells the story of how he and Dr. Evans Baiya connected to write The Innovator’s Advantage and details the two types of innovation. He also shares steps for leaders to create a culture of innovation, and the impact of ideas as the currency of the innovation economy.

The Leader as Supervisor May 18, 2019 Posted in: Dale Dixon, Ron Price

Host Dale Dixon and Executive Advisor Ron Price talk about how the gig economy has changed the workforce, and therefore supervision and management. Ron discusses the opportunities and threats of this trend, and gives leaders tools to rethink supervision. He also lists the leadership skills that are critical for leading in today’s economy, and gives leaders tips to grow along with this trend.

The Leader as Talent Agent May 18, 2019 Posted in: Dale Dixon, Ron Price

Host Dale Dixon and Executive Advisor Ron Price explore the leader’s role in finding and developing great talent for his or her organization. Ron lists ways that leaders can keep the hiring pipeline full, and how to make sure that a candidate is a good fit for the job and the organization. He discusses the importance of systemically evaluating, challenging and reorganizing your team. And also shares potential landmines.

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Innovation in Finance June 5, 2019 Posted in: Video

In this short video, Michael McAllister provides insights to apply innovation and explains how ideas don’t have to shake up the industry to have an impact.

Innovation in Healthcare May 7, 2019 Posted in: Video

Looking to overcome industry barriers, grow, and serve customers? Dr. David Pate, President & CEO of St. Luke’s Health Systems, explains how thoughtful innovation keeps your company ahead of disruption.

Innovation in Government April 17, 2019 Posted in: Video

In this short clip, CIO Marshall Major explains how utilizing the innovative process in the right places brings new value to your organization.

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