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We help companies solve challenges and develop new ways of thinking.

Price Associates, Innovation


Discovering and developing your next big idea.

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Transforming company culture for optimal results.

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Building high-performing leaders and cohesive teams.

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Who We Are

We are a team of advisors helping companies navigate challenges in culture, people, innovation and leadership. Our clients value our high-touch, personalized service and the diversity of our associates—who each have a career’s-worth of expertise in their respective sectors.

Many consulting firms emphasize one side of the equation or the other—profit or people. Price Associates seeks a complete approach in our work with individuals, teams and organizations.

We help companies grow and change their worlds by serving the whole organization, beginning with leaders.

I have developed many teams in my career, working with various coaches and development tools. I would recommend The Complete Leader to any team looking to gain self-awareness. You will develop tools and insights that will remain valuable through your career and even into your personal life.”

—Errik Anderson, Compass Therapeutics

Grow Your Leadership Influence

Growing Influence is a business fable with leadership lessons that are impactful, transformative and easy to implement. It offers readers practical advice on how to develop leadership skills that increase character, expertise and impact.

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What We’re Thinking

Why “Culture Starts at the Top” Is Not Enough January 16, 2020 Posted in: Blog, Holly Mitchell, Jaime Lisk

By Holly Mitchell & Jaime Lisk

You have likely heard the phrase, “Culture starts at the top.” While there is certainly merit to this statement, it’s not the full story. Organizational culture is shaped by shared patterns of values and behaviors that define the social and psychological environment within a group. You see “culture” everywhere—within your family, friends, fitness studio, department, and certainly in your company overall. The first step is acknowledging the culture. Then you must decide: Is this our desired culture or is there work to be done?

As a leader, it’s important to understand the sphere of influence you have over shaping the culture of your organization. Top-level leadership has the most influential, long-term impact on workplace culture. The decisions you make, behaviors you choose to ignore, and the way you walk, talk, and dress all impact the culture. When leaders are working in sync and living out the tenants of the desired culture, it won’t go unnoticed by the rest of the organization.

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CareerCast Featuring Ron Price January 13, 2020 Posted in: Ron Price

Ron Price was recently featured on the CareerCast podcast.

In this CareerCast, Ron shares lessons learned from his decades of leadership experience, character driven perspective, and insights from across the world.

Three Questions to Sharpen Your Vision January 10, 2020 Posted in: Blog, Jeremy Graves

By Dr. Jeremy Graves

Vision. Even the word can seem overwhelming to some. What is our vision? How will I know if my vision is in alignment with my organizational needs? How do I ensure clarity throughout my organization around vision? Do those within my organization even understand the vision?  These are the types of questions that keep many leaders awake at night.

The need for vision clarity is paramount for any organization, leader, or team. But how do you go about creating a vision that is sticky and moves beyond words on a paper to behaviors that can ultimately transform your organization? 

It Begins with Clarity
How detailed is your vision? Vision is most powerful when it is both specific and engaging. It comes alive in an organization when it connects people to something bigger than themselves. If it doesn’t, the vision is not shaping the company culture, but rather is in danger of being shaped by the loudest voice in the room—and sometimes that voice is not the voice you want shaping the vision. So how do you ensure clarity?  Here are three questions to consider when determining your vision.

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What do you REALLY want? January 2, 2020 Posted in: Blog

The ONE Thing That Can Change Everything…

By Patrick Ensign

What do you want most for your business, your family…and you? How do all of these wants align with the actual work you do and the decisions you are making for your company?

Asking yourself these questions is the first step to gaining clarity. When you have clarity about what you are working towards, you are able to both prioritize and naturally align with those life/business practices that are effective in achieving your goal.

Whether you are a business owner, leader or professional at any level, you have heard the stats by Forbes:

  • 40% of people are planning on switching jobs next year.
  • 69% of employees are searching for a new position while on the clock with your organization.

Does it sound like these employees are effectively serving customers, crushing company goals, or engaged in the organization’s culture? Seeing that people are the single greatest factor in the success or decline of an organization, it would seem there is a big problem.

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