Diversity Training

Examining differences between team members
such as gender, introversion/extroversion,
sensitivity, creativity, culture, and attachment.

Program Description:

This program examines differences between team members such as gender, introversion/extroversion, sensitivity, motivations, drivers, creativity, culturally-driven traits, and attachment styles.

Diversity Training is presented in an interactive workshop format through discussions, group activities, lectures, role-playing and art projects.

Designed as both empathy and sensitivity training, this program helps managers set up a system that embraces creative change, business progress, and progressive mentorship.

Number of participants

Ideal for 8-20 participants. Individual coaching version available for teams of less than 5.


Diversity Training is designed for a one-and-a-half-day delivery. The program can be adapted to a shorter session if required by a company.

Delivered by

Diversity Training is coordinated and presented by Andy Johnson

Key take aways:

  • Understanding of themselves and their natural strengths
  • Appreciation of others and increased empathy
  • Clarity on complementary leadership opportunities
  • Identification of key synergistic alliances
  • Increased diversity and inclusion skills

Ideal for companies that:

  • Experiencing conflict related to differences between team members
  • Seeking to better understand each other
  • Interested in leveraging divergent strengths for the good of the whole

Supporting materials provided:

Complete workbook notebook/materials including:

  • TTI SI Personal Talent Insights Report (Behaviors & Motivators)
  • Hofstede Cultural Scale Personal Report
  • Highly Sensitive Person Scale Report
  • Creativity Scales Report
  • Copy of Introvert Revolution: Leading Authentically in a World That Says You Can’t
  • Copy of Creativolution: A Workbook for the Creative Future We Must Build

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