Our Assessments

We offer a variety of assessments to help leaders and their teams increase self-awareness and performance.

Behavioral Style (DISC)

This is the pattern of observable behavioral tendencies, how the leader tends to behave.

Driving Forces (Motivators)

This is the pattern of drive or motivation, why the leader chases some carrots and not others.

Workplace Competencies

These are the current levels of developed skill in 25 important areas of skill-development, what the leader has mastered.

Acumen Capacity

This is the pattern of unconscious thinking in relation to the world and the self that is operative in the leader, how they see both.

Emotional Intelligence

This is the level of developed skill in effectively managing emotionality, how well the leader is able to deal with their own and others’ emotions.

Creative/Reactive Levels of Adult Development

This is the level of developed creative leadership competencies compared to the level of reactive leadership tendencies, how welldeveloped the leader is as measured by The Leadership Circle.

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