“Continuous feedback is a leader’s best-kept secret during execution. Show me a leader whose organization is quiet and I will show you a leader whose organization is hoping they will get it right. Show me a leader who actually encourages and is involved in seeking, receiving and actually supporting feedback, and I will show you an organization that is executing intentionally, purposefully, with a high level of accountability, towards an agreed upon result.”

Authors Dr. Evans Baiya and Professor Timothy Waema move into Stage 6 of the 7 Stages of Strategy: Strategic Execution. In this conversation with host Dale Dixon on their latest book, “Optimizing Strategy for Results,” (co-authored with Ron Price) they examine the importance of communication, repetition, feedback and accountability for everyone in the organization. With simple, predictable workflows and continuous feedback, this stage will help you produce impactful results.

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Photo by ThisIsEngineering via Pexels.