Your workplace culture speaks volumes about your company—not only to employees but to your customers as well. Companies today are facing a set of unique cultural challenges. What worked yesterday won’t work tomorrow when it comes to multigenerational workforces, remote employees, team health, and employee engagement.

Is your culture representative of the best of your organization? Price Associates can help you define the steps needed to create a culture of empowerment, collaboration, momentum, innovation, and creativity.

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Community is the New Advertising March 10, 2016

By Courtney Feider

There is a sea-change afoot in the way the world connects. For a couple of years, this has been brewing in the share economy, manifesting in an explosion of B-Corp businesses, and surfacing in self-published dialogue via social media. In 2016, it’s reached a tipping point and has taken root in the business world, showing up in corporations and small and medium businesses in equal measure.Read More

A Roadmap for Customer Focus June 6, 2016 Posted in: Price Associates Blog

This week we talk with Greg Mayes, financial advisor and owner of Mayes Financial, about his special brand of customer focus. Greg has formed his business around building customer relationships, and he shares his three tips for creating customer focus within your own company. He discusses the importance of being genuine and making decisions in line with your own guiding principles.

The Value of Making Happiness a Priority at Work June 20, 2016

This week we chat with Valerie Alexander, who is a corporate trainer, keynote speaker and author of several books. Valerie’s colorful career path—as a former securities lawyer, investment banker and screenwriter—gives her a unique approach to company culture.Valerie talks to us about the cost of unhappy employees, the biggest cause of workplace unhappiness, the #1 factor that motivates employees, and simple tips to create more happiness at work.

Case Study

The Cultural Transformation of an International Pharmaceutical Company January 1, 2016


International pharmaceutical health research and products

Business ChallengeRead More