About Us

We work as strategic
partners with our clients,
providing value, growth
and a complete solution.

Our Story

Founded in 2004 by Ron Price, Price Associates is a team of like-minded business advisors and experts who share similar values, yet possess a wide range of subject expertise and delivery styles. This diversity provides our clients with the perfect fit every time.

We work as strategic, partners with our clients, providing a variety of talents, perspectives and thought leadership. Our advisors work together to provide maximum value and growth for companies—providing a complete solution for the whole organization.

Our mission is to help leaders and their organizations fulfill their vision by solving problems, identifying and pursuing opportunities, enhancing learning, and managing changes in people, culture, innovation and leadership.

Meet The Core Team

We are partners, coaches, facilitators, visionaries, and strategists,
passionate about creating value for our clients and
delivering innovative and high-quality service.


Ron Price

Founder, President & CEO

Ron Price is an internationally recognized business advisor, executive coach, speaker, and author. Known for his creative and systematic thinking, business versatility, and…


Dr. Evans Baiya

Technology & Innovation Strategist

Dr. Evans Baiya is a technology and innovation strategist with over fifteen years of experience in information technology, product development…


Courtney Feider

Creative Disruption Strategist, Marketing & Branding Expert

Courtney is a pioneer among Creative Disruption specialists. Her consulting method focuses on identifying a company’s “creativolution,” and helping…


Andy Johnson

Executive Coach to Quiet Leaders, Team Health Specialist

Andy Johnson has been in the service industry for almost thirty years. In his work as an executive coach, organizational advisor and consultant…


Whit Mitchell

Executive Coach, Team Dynamics Specialist

Whit Mitchell drives business leaders and executive teams to produce tangible, measurable results. A strategic partner to organizations, Whit draws…


Nichole MacDowell

Communications & PR Director

Nichole manages our marketing, public relations, media coordination and speaking inquiries. She is a true content guru and never tires of keeping us on deadline.

Dr. Bobby Sanchez

Chief of Staff

Bobby coordinates and oversees all internal operations of the firm, while advising the leadership team on strategic plans, organizational communication, client engagement, and business development.

Our Focus


We can guide your people to their full potential through self-awareness, helping them identify both their strengths and opportunities for improvement.


We have solutions to develop your current leaders, as well as identify and prepare emerging leaders to combat the leadership drought and bridge the leadership gap.


We can help you define the steps needed to create a culture that represents the best of your organization, helping you attract and retain the best employees.


We can help you grow your current leaders, as well as identify and prepare emerging leaders to combat the leadership drought and battle the leadership gap.



Target Training International

In our work with leaders and their teams, we partner with Target Training International to deliver the most proven and scientific advancements in assessment solutions. These assessments give organizations talent management insights, and help employees achieve greater success at work. TTI offers assessments measuring behaviors, motivators, stress, emotional intelligence (EQ), acumen, competencies, sales skills, and more.


Community Involvement


We are passionate about making a difference in our community, directing our resources to the organizations and causes our associates care about. Our approach to giving back is a distinguishing feature of Price Associates’ community leadership.

Price Associates proudly supports the dedication and applauds the accomplishments of its associates who make a positive difference in the lives of so many others. We apply the same commitment, passion, and intellect from our client work to improving our community.

We have associates who are volunteers, members and officers of Kiwanis, Lions, and Rotary; Churches, Chambers of Commerce, Boys & Girls Clubs, schools and many other civic and recreational organizations.

Our Affiliates

We have a network of affiliates in 50 countries to help deliver our programs and services.


Is your culture attracting top talent?

We can help.