Given the shifting workplace landscape of the last year, many companies are embracing collaborative leadership as part of their new work strategy. This type of leadership allows for flexibility, shared ownership and personal empowerment, culminating in employees who lead themselves. As remote and hybrid work continues, collaborative leadership has become an impactful and effective leadership style.

Executive coach, team facilitator and author Francis Eberle, Ph.D., has just released a book that provides a model to understand collaborative leadership and offers practical steps to begin implementing it within any organization or team.

Connected Leadership: Engage Your Workforce to Lead Themselves (Aloha Publishing, 2021) has already received critical acclaim. Best-selling author and Thinkers50 Coach Marshall Goldsmith said,“Francis Eberle’s unique model of collaboration for Connected Leadership provides a framework for thinking and taking action that will benefit every leader.”

Eberle suggests that to succeed in the competitive, rapidly changing business ecosystem of the modern world, leaders of all levels must take a more collaborative approach to leadership. Traditional styles of top-down leadership encourage competition rather than collaboration, and teamwork is essential to staying competitive and succeeding as the business world changes.

“People are more engaged in their work and empowered when leadership, goal-setting, and authority are shared,” said Eberle.

Eberle has spent more than 25 years as an executive for nonprofit organizations and startups. He is a team dynamics specialist, helping leaders reflect on their own experiences and knowledge to grow and change their worlds. He helps organizations create team engagement and cooperation by setting goals that engage everyone on the team, and helping leaders understand when to step up and when to step back.

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