International pharmaceutical health research and products

Business Challenge

Faced with challenges in sales, research and development, this organization decided to change their culture to be more aggressive, entrepreneurial and innovative—a decision seen as very important to their long-term future.

A stronger synergized goal with an entrepreneurial and innovative culture became clearer and they were able to execute much more effectively.

– Ron Price, CEO, Price Associates


Bring clarity to the current and desired culture by analyzing perceptions of the company’s strengths and weaknesses. Review the leadership talent pool, then restructure and organize around peoples’ strengths. Encourage the development of stronger relationships and improve communication among top leaders.


  • Independent implementation of more specific and achievable goals
  • Meetings and interactive work started to change the thinking, which then started changing behaviors.
  • Continuous improvement concepts implemented with new projects
  • Increased sense of fulfillment and engagement in their jobs

The greatest accomplishments in this process have been the changes in thinking and behavior which have brought the rewards of a new culture that will carry them into the future.