Did you see it last night? We had a full moon rising while the sun set, and some very cool colors across the sky. In case you missed it, the last day of summer was sent out by a full harvest moon. This won’t happen again until 2029, and every 19 years after that, so there’s not a lot of opportunities left for many of us. Which of course got me thinking…

I went out in the backyard last night just after 11pm. The last few minutes of summer were humid here in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas, and a restless breeze was blowing. As autumn officially began there were unusual light reflections in the clouds as well as the radiance of the moonlight all around. I’m not a poet, and I can’t do justice to the experience, but it really felt like the time and season was actually shifting.

When I look into the night sky and see something special, like I said earlier…it gets me thinking.

Our time here is fleeting. If we don’t make the most of our time, it slips by. Opportunities get by us. At the beginning of this year, and again in June (at the halfway point) I posted my workbook called “The Year Ahead 2010″. Several of my clients have worked out plans and set goals for themselves this year. Have you?

There are only 100 days left in 2010; did you notice that or did it slip up on you? Perhaps you could use some extra support and encouragement in accomplishing the really important things. I’ll have more coming later and in the next few days, so check back in. If you want to be reminded, fill out the box to the right. Time flies, so make each moment count!