The New Year is well underway and often intentions to Do What’s Right are fading fast.  What if you take this moment to Stop (just interrupt your thinking and doing right now) and Think ( better yet write your thoughts and sketch your vision) of what you want the end of the year to look like.

When Assessing  consider 10 life areas – Social, Physical, Health, Environment, Family, Career, Finances, Spiritual, Intellect, Emotional – and score “how satisfied you are” on a scale of 1-10.  Next  add the scores and divide by 100 to yield your BI Quality of Life Index.  When put on a wheel, it’s easy to see how smooth a ride you are experiencing, right now.

These steps are the foundation for prioritizing and deciding what’s Right to do, for you.  Behavioral Intelligence is defined as “Doing What’s Right to Get the Right Things Done” but if you don’t know What’s Right for You, it’s hard to decide The Right Thing to Do (Behaviors).

Will you take the Behavioral Intelligence 2013 Challenge and re-Think and re-Intend for this year?  Will you take the Behavioral Intelligence challenge to Stop (Get in the moment), Think your intentions, and Assess who you are and what you really want before you Respond with behaviors that might lead you in unintended and unproductive directions?

If you are interested, send an email to requesting the Behavioral Intelligence Success Journey 2013, so you can start Doing What’s Right to Get the Right Things Done.  Please write Success Journey 2013 in the subject.
This is the year for Behavioral Intelligence.  Stay tuned for information on virtual (phone and internet) training in developing your Behavioral Intelligence, 2013.