Companies are only as great as the people who make them up. This is why Price Associates focuses on helping you get the most out of your company’s greatest asset, through the use of talent management, job benchmarking, succession planning, talent assessments and more.

We help your people recognize their full potential by developing authenticity and recognizing both their strengths and opportunities for improvement.

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You Never Even Call Me By My Name February 23, 2016 Posted in: Price Associates Blog

By Ryan Lisk

Yes, that’s a reference to the country song by David Allen Code from 1975.

The customer service department for one of my clients had just completed a weeklong surprise audit by a federal agency, and passed it with flying colors.Read More

Persuasion: The Business of Influencing People May 24, 2016

In this short video, The Complete Leader faculty member and executive advisor, Lisa Aldisert discusses some of the characteristics that a leader should possess in order to persuade effectively.

The Value of Making Happiness a Priority at Work June 20, 2016

This week we chat with Valerie Alexander, who is a corporate trainer, keynote speaker and author of several books. Valerie’s colorful career path—as a former securities lawyer, investment banker and screenwriter—gives her a unique approach to company culture.Valerie talks to us about the cost of unhappy employees, the biggest cause of workplace unhappiness, the #1 factor that motivates employees, and simple tips to create more happiness at work.

Case Study

Bridging the Training Gap: Developing Transformational Leadership January 1, 2016

How to create a leadership development program in your organization that goes beyond traditional training.Read More