By Dr. Jeremy Graves

Vision. Even the word can seem overwhelming to some. What is our vision? How will I know if my vision is in alignment with my organizational needs? How do I ensure clarity throughout my organization around vision? Do those within my organization even understand the vision?  These are the types of questions that keep many leaders awake at night.

The need for vision clarity is paramount for any organization, leader, or team. But how do you go about creating a vision that is sticky and moves beyond words on a paper to behaviors that can ultimately transform your organization? 

It Begins with Clarity
How detailed is your vision? Vision is most powerful when it is both specific and engaging. It comes alive in an organization when it connects people to something bigger than themselves. If it doesn’t, the vision is not shaping the company culture, but rather is in danger of being shaped by the loudest voice in the room—and sometimes that voice is not the voice you want shaping the vision. So how do you ensure clarity?  Here are three questions to consider when determining your vision.

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