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Program Description:

The Complete Leader rapidly prepares leaders by immersing them in the 25 competencies required to be a high-performing leader, which are based on both timeless principles and 21st century methodologies.

TCL is an 18-month program, with meetings every 90 days. The group meets six different times, constituting eight full days of work, and between sessions there are both team and individual assignments to promote practical application of the competencies.

Throughout the program, we host expert faculty members who spend a day with the group. These are national thought leaders in the areas of branding, communications, conflict management, teamwork, and more. Everybody in the program gets exposure to these experts and the opportunity to build their network of connections as they continue on their leadership journey.

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Supporting materials provided:

  • Profiles of behavioral styles, strengths and weaknesses, emotional intelligence, and underlying motivators
  • The Complete Leader book
  • membership


Key take aways:

  • Emerging leaders are identified and developed, and current leaders are fortified
  • Practical skills that leaders can use immediately and can teach to others in your organizationy
  • A launchpad for continuous learning that goes on long after the program has ended

Ideal for companies that:

  • Recognize that leadership development is critical to strengthening both company culture and the bottom line
  • Want tailored leadership develop for any leader in their organization–from senior leaders to those who are just emerging–at a fraction of the cost of personalized coaching.

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