Behavioral Intelligence®

Understand your EQ, your unique
behaviors, and how you can leverage
your strengths for optimal teamwork.

Program Description:

This program combines a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence (EQ) and how this is demonstrated through behaviors (DISC), resulting in doing the right things at the right time in the right way.

Participants will receive a customized report that measures their 1) Self Awareness, 2) Self Regulation, 3) Motivation, 4) Empathy, 5) Social/Collaborative Skills and their natural ways of responding to problems, influencing people, dealing with change, and complying with rules created by others.

Academic literature has demonstrated repeatedly that high emotional intelligence increases performance. The more complex the role, the more important EQ becomes for superior performance.

This program is delivered through a combination of lecturing, group activities and individual reflection/planning. Participants will develop a professional development plan around EQ and DISC at the conclusion of the program.

Behavioral Intelligence®, STARR Advantage registered trademarks 2013 Carol Gaffney, PhD

Key take aways:

  • Understand EQ and your personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn how to grow emotional intelligence
  • Learn how you respond uniquely to problems and challenges
  • Learn your primary way of influencing and interacting with others
  • Learn to communicate more effectively with others and improve your time management skills
  • Discover your greatest value to the organization
  • Unearth your ideal work environment and the keys to staying motivated and managing performance

Ideal for companies that:

  • Want to improve organizational performance, interpersonal skills, and leadership capacities.

Supporting materials provided:

  • Complete workbook notebook/materials
  • Online Behavioral Intelligence® profile
  • 35-page customized report

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