Are You a Group or a Team? October 13, 2017 Posted in: Andy Johnson, Blog

By Andy Johnson

This year we witnessed the second NBA championship in the last three years for the Golden State Warriors. In many ways, this is not surprising when simply looking at the current team roster. The team was already a who’s who of elite superstars. With the addition of Kevin Durant this season, many expected the outcome that is now franchise history, another championship. This was another instance of a so-called “dream team.” Would the Warriors, with their existing cast of superstars, be able to find room for and merge Durant into the flow? Read More

The Complete Leader Expands Global Footprint October 6, 2017 Posted in: Blog

Price Associates has expanded the reach of its comprehensive leadership development program, The Complete Leader, into two new countries this year, certifying program facilitators and launching leadership cohorts in both Dublin, Ireland and Toronto, Canada.

This move comes in addition to its current programs running in cities across the U.S., and those beginning soon in Turkey, Brazil and South Africa. The company also certified 21 new program facilitators in 2017. Read More

Price Associates Certifies Applied Axiologists September 26, 2017 Posted in: Blog, Bobby Sanchez PhD, Dr. Francis Eberle, Francis Eberle, Lori McNeill

Price Associates conducted its second Applied Axiology-TriMetrix HDTM Certification Course the week of August 28-September 1, 2017.

Business leaders and executive advisors from across the globe attended the 5-day training, completing over 40 hours of study, testing and certification work. Price Associates’ own Dr. Bobby Sanchez, Dr. Francis Eberle, and Lori NcNeill received certification during the course. Read More

The Power of Collaboration and a Broader Perspective September 21, 2017 Posted in: Blog, Dr. Francis Eberle, Francis Eberle

We are excited to announce that Dr. Francis Eberle has recently joined the Price Associates team. Francis spent more than 25 years as an executive for non-profits and start-ups, and has been a key figure in statewide education policy. Today he works with leaders and teams to improve skills, solve complex problems, conduct research, grow finanacial and programmatic resources, and engage partners to work together toward common goals. Read More


3 Reasons Innovation Fails July 26, 2017 Posted in: Articles/Media, Ron Price

By Ron Price,, June 2017

Innovation is a tough dart to land for many companies. Most organizations see the value of innovation, whether it be internal innovation that revamps processes and systems, or external innovation that creates a new product or service. They might even succeed in rallying teams around the idea of innovation and getting people excited about the possibilities, only to fall short before hitting the bullseye. Read More

5 Things Successful Leaders Don’t Say February 14, 2017 Posted in: Articles/Media

By Ryan Lisk,, February 2017

“I am the expert of my intention, but you are the expert of my impact.”

This popular leadership catch phrase is one of the reasons many leaders struggle today. How many times have you had a conversation with someone only to learn they interpreted your message differently than you intended? Or found they were hung up on one phrase or word, completely missing the point? Read More

Stop Wasting the Talent of Your Chief Creative Officer December 16, 2016 Posted in: Articles/Media, Courtney Feider

By Courtney Feider,, December 2016

These days hiring a Chief Creative Officer is all the rage. Many companies see the value of bringing brand management and direction in house, and having someone who is entrenched in company culture oversee creative direction. Read More

Effective Strategic Planning: The 3 essential components November 3, 2016 Posted in: Articles/Media, Price Associates Blog, Ron Price

By Ron Price,, October 2016

Very few organizations large or small understand what it takes to create an effective strategic plan. Terminology is confusing, plan documents gather dust, and planning processes get bogged down without effective implementation. Read More


Identifying Your Ideal Customer (Customer Focus Ep. 3) October 16, 2017 Posted in: Dale Dixon, Ron Price

In this the final episode of the Customer Focus series, host Dale Dixon and executive advisor Ron Price talk about understanding your ideal customer. Ron unpacks the Drucker Five, his three tips for defining your ideal customer, and ideas to align your business model with your customer. He also tells us when it makes sense to say no to a customer.

A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction (Customer Focus Ep. 2) October 9, 2017 Posted in: Dale Dixon, Ron Price

Continuing their discussion of customer focus, host Dale Dixon and executive advisor Ron Price talk about customer perception, the noise that gets in the way of customer focus, and how customer connection can be a business differentiator. Ron discusses the Kano customer satisfaction model, and the three levels of customer focus. He tells us how personal touch is possible regardless of the number of customers a company has, and how to see the world through the customers’ eyes. He gives questions to understand the customer experience, and ideas to make customers your best brand ambassadors.

Is the Customer Always Right? (Customer Focus Ep. 1) October 3, 2017 Posted in: Dale Dixon, Ron Price

Host Dale Dixon and Executive Advisor Ron Price discuss Customer Focus and why he classifies it as a leadership skill instead of a frontline skill. Ron defines the two types of customers, breaks down the SIPOC Model, and gives tips for enhancing customer focus every day. He also gives examples of industries that have used customer focus to enhance business, and one industry that is not excelling at customer focus. Join us next week for a continuation of our discussion on Customer Focus.

Finding the Hidden Treasure in Every Employee September 25, 2017 Posted in: Dale Dixon, Ron Price

Host Dale Dixon and Business Advisor Ron Price dive into the leadership competency of Employee Development & Coaching. Ron tell us the four skills that a leader needs to excel at Developing & Coaching, why your should focus most of your time on strengths, and how you might be limiting your employees without knowing it. He shares the ideal ratio for positive to corrective feedback, and gives tips for giving feedback that employees will embrace. Write to to receive Ron’s 7 Questions for Employee Coaching.


The Innovator’s Advantage: A Conversation About the Creative Heart of Innovation October 18, 2017 Posted in: Courtney Feider, Evans Baiya PhD, Ron Price, Video

In this video, “The Innovator’s Advantage” authors Ron Price and Dr. Evans Baiya, and Executive Coach Courtney Feider talk about the link between Innovation and Creativity. They give tips to stop creative prohibition and discuss the beginnings of “The Innovator’s Advantage”.

Negotiation: Agreeing To a Mutual Outcome October 10, 2017 Posted in: Video, Wade Johnson

In this short video, TCL Faculty Member, Wade Johnson gives you tools to get the results you want from Negotiation and reasons that this skill is critical to succeed as a leader.

Written Communication: An Essential Skill Set for Today’s Leader October 4, 2017 Posted in: Lisa Aldisert, Video

In this short video, The Complete Leader faculty and executive advisor, Lisa Aldisert discusses the importance of written communication for today’s leader and tips for mastering this skill set.

Flexibility: Adapting to Changing Conditions September 26, 2017 Posted in: Bobby Sanchez PhD, Video

In this short video, Chief of Staff for Price Associates Dr. Bobby Sanchez discusses the leadership competency, Flexibility. He talks about ways for organizations to build their capacity of flexibility and how to promote this leadership skill within your team.