Mending Fences with Coworkers May 25, 2017 Posted in: Blog, Whit Mitchell

By Whit Mitchell

Conflict at work is common, and often inevitable. The workplace brings together people with different ideas, backgrounds, passions, motivators, communication styles and priorities. Quite often these aspects don’t align between everyone on the team, and even when they do align, misunderstandings and conflict can arise.

There are many causes of conflict at work, such as lack of clarity in responsibilities, poor job fit, values being violated, inflated egos, disrespectful colleagues, and poor leadership. Read More

Introvert Revolution Excerpt May 18, 2017 Posted in: Andy Johnson, Blog

Yin leaders, according to a recent article by Jennifer Kahnweiler, are uniquely suited to lead in the emerging millennial culture. She specifically noted four yin strengths we observed in the last chapter that connect with the identified needs of millennials at work: one-on-one interactions, listening and asking great questions, preparation and careful planning, and calm and reasoned reflection. Millennials are looking for the kinds of leaders we’ll explore in depth shortly: planned, analytical, team-oriented and wise. They want leaders focused not just on the bottom line but on making the world a better place. Read More

Creativity Is a Circle May 12, 2017 Posted in: Blog, Courtney Feider

By Courtney Feider

While writing my book, I discovered that I am just as guilty as anyone else at blocking myself and slamming face-first into the wall of creative prohibition. I recognized what I was doing in fighting the creative wave and I have recommitted myself to regular practice. I am the proud new owner of a travel watercolor set and mini watercolor block and that is what I am doing when I fly or wait in airports. Creating art. Exercising the muscle. Knowing I will throw a lot away, but also knowing my mind will spin with clearer and more focused creative thinking the more often I am in that zone. Read More

Purpose, Passion & the Power of Everyday Leaders May 4, 2017 Posted in: Blog, Bobby Sanchez PhD

A Conversation with Dr. Bobby Sanchez

Dr. Bobby Sanchez is our venerable Chief of Staff here at Price Associates. Prior to joining our team, Bobby served 24 years in the United States Army, retiring in 2012 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, after a career in both conventional and special operations assignments. We sat down with Bobby to talk about the leadership lessons he learned during his military career, and how they apply to his leadership today. Read More


5 Things Successful Leaders Don’t Say February 14, 2017 Posted in: Articles/Media

By Ryan Lisk,, February 2017

“I am the expert of my intention, but you are the expert of my impact.”

This popular leadership catch phrase is one of the reasons many leaders struggle today. How many times have you had a conversation with someone only to learn they interpreted your message differently than you intended? Or found they were hung up on one phrase or word, completely missing the point? Read More

Stop Wasting the Talent of Your Chief Creative Officer December 16, 2016 Posted in: Articles/Media, Courtney Feider

By Courtney Feider,, December 2016

These days hiring a Chief Creative Officer is all the rage. Many companies see the value of bringing brand management and direction in house, and having someone who is entrenched in company culture oversee creative direction. Read More

Effective Strategic Planning: The 3 essential components November 3, 2016 Posted in: Articles/Media, Price Associates Blog, Ron Price

By Ron Price,, October 2016

Very few organizations large or small understand what it takes to create an effective strategic plan. Terminology is confusing, plan documents gather dust, and planning processes get bogged down without effective implementation. Read More

Using Pulse Feedback To Lead Your Team: 6 steps for you August 26, 2016 Posted in: Price Associates Blog, Ranjit Nair PhD

By Dr. Ranjit Nair,, August 2016

Feel your pulse. You know those frequent, short bursts that beat consistently? That’s what you should try to emulate when you give employee feedback. Think about it: If your heart only beat occasionally, your body would shut down. Read More


Getting Even Better at a Challenging Skill: Self Management (Part 2) May 22, 2017 Posted in: Ron Price

Dale Dixon and Ron Price continue their conversation about Self-Management. They talk about the two components of self-management: demonstrating self control and the ability to manage time and priorities. Ron gives several tools to help you and your team prioritize what is important on a daily, weekly, quarterly and annual basis. He talks about the importance of clarity and offers practical steps and resources for improving self-management today. 

One of the Most Difficult Skills: Self-Management (Part 1) May 15, 2017 Posted in: Ron Price

Today we talk with Ron Price, business advisor, speaker and coauthor of The Complete Leader. Ron talks about the four dimensions of self-management, and the power (and vulnerability) in being able to understand yourself. He gives tips for developing optimal self-control, and how learning this skill takes time and practice.

Intentional Leadership Development May 8, 2017 Posted in: Ron Price

On the show today with Ron Price, leadership advisor, author, speaker and President of Price Associates. We explore whether leaders are born or made, the definition of a leader, and how to start your leadership development process. Ron also talks about the three learning styles, the four ways to create a successful program, and the most effective ways for leaders to be developed. 

Lessons from The Complete Leader Program May 1, 2017 Posted in: Ron Price

Today we’re talking with Ron Price, co-author of The Complete Leader book. He talks to us about the leadership development program that was inspired by the book, and how it was launched. He talks about his passion to make leadership development practical, the importance of understanding yourself as a leader, and why it’s hard to change patterns and behaviors. He also outlines why The Complete Leader Program focuses on skills and behaviors instead of knowledge, and the emphasis on relevance, practical application and interactive content.


Personal Accountability: Driving Expectations May 24, 2017 Posted in: Steve Morris, Video

In this short video, Choice Works founder and TCL Faculty Member Steve Morris talks about Personal Accountability as a leader. He discusses the Triangle of Choice, and how it can help you gain clarity and self-evaluation.

Our Focus: The Four Pillars of Business May 16, 2017 Posted in: Video

In this short video our Core Team gives you some insights into the four pillars that Price Associates focuses on. They discuss the importance of each pillar and its impact on your organization.

Negotiation: Arranging the Puzzle Pieces May 10, 2017 Posted in: Video

In this short video, Communication Coach at InfoQuest Sean Hansen tells us why Negotiation is important for leaders and outlines ways to improve this skill set in the workplace. 

Listening to the Job: A Conversation About Hiring May 3, 2017 Posted in: Ron Price, Video

In this video, Ron Price, President of Communication Works Mindy Bortness and Price Associates Chief of Staff Bobby Sanchez discuss the definition of job benchmarking. They also tell us what categories to include when creating a job “blueprint” and Bobby will discuss his experience of being part of the job benchmarking process.