How to Spot and Fix Employee Disengagement March 23, 2017 Posted in: Blog, Whit Mitchell

By Whit Mitchell

Employee disengagement is bad for business. Every manager knows that. But do you know just how bad? A recent Gallup poll estimated that “disengaged employees cost the U.S. between $450 billion to $550 billion each year in lost productivity.”

Not only that, but a staggering 70% of American workers are not engaged at work!

Employees disengage for a variety of reasons: Read More

Decoding Innovation March 16, 2017 Posted in: Blog, Ron Price

Discovering The Innovator’s Advantage 

Ron Price has co-written a new book with Dr. Evans Baiya called The Innovator’s Advantage: Revealing the Hidden Connection Between People and Process, due for release on April 11.

We sat down with Ron to talk about what inspired the book and his collaboration with Evans. Read More

Overcoming Adversity Through Faith March 10, 2017 Posted in: Blog, Whit Mitchell

What are the barriers or buoys in your life right now? How you deal with adversity will be instrumental in how you live your life. All of us have had disappointments, failures, misgivings, and tragedies during our time on this earth; others deal with smaller things that are big obstacles in their work or personal lives.

Whether you’re dealing with great pain or trying to navigate a smaller buoy, know that when you reach out to others, you are not a burden. Don’t deny others the joy of helping you. It takes courage to admit and seek counsel, but you know you will impact others by taking the first step. Read More

Moving from Watchmaker to Beekeeper March 3, 2017 Posted in: Blog

By Laurie Taylor

Low morale, low profits, lack of staff engagement, high turnover, rampant gossip – all can be attributed to a company being led by either a Watchmaker or a Beekeeper – care to guess which one is the culprit?

If you guessed Watchmaker, you’re right. Why? Read More


5 Things Successful Leaders Don’t Say February 14, 2017 Posted in: Articles/Media

By Ryan Lisk,, February 2017

“I am the expert of my intention, but you are the expert of my impact.”

This popular leadership catch phrase is one of the reasons many leaders struggle today. How many times have you had a conversation with someone only to learn they interpreted your message differently than you intended? Or found they were hung up on one phrase or word, completely missing the point? Read More

Stop Wasting the Talent of Your Chief Creative Officer December 16, 2016 Posted in: Articles/Media, Courtney Feider

By Courtney Feider,, December 2016

These days hiring a Chief Creative Officer is all the rage. Many companies see the value of bringing brand management and direction in house, and having someone who is entrenched in company culture oversee creative direction. Read More

Effective Strategic Planning: The 3 essential components November 3, 2016 Posted in: Articles/Media, Price Associates Blog, Ron Price

By Ron Price,, October 2016

Very few organizations large or small understand what it takes to create an effective strategic plan. Terminology is confusing, plan documents gather dust, and planning processes get bogged down without effective implementation. Read More

Using Pulse Feedback To Lead Your Team: 6 steps for you August 26, 2016 Posted in: Price Associates Blog, Ranjit Nair PhD

By Dr. Ranjit Nair,, August 2016

Feel your pulse. You know those frequent, short bursts that beat consistently? That’s what you should try to emulate when you give employee feedback. Think about it: If your heart only beat occasionally, your body would shut down. Read More


Set a Goal and Achieve It March 27, 2017 Posted in: Mindy Bortness, Podcasts

Our guest today is Mindy Bortness, owner of Communication Works Inc., which has been called the eHarmony for jobs. Mindy’s specialty is helping clients reduce turnover by as much as 40%. Today Mindy talks with us about the importance of goal setting, the process she uses, why goals can (and should) change. She shares stories of her own goal shifting, and gives us three steps for successful goal setting and achievement.

I Can’t Hear What You’re Saying Because Your Actions Speak Too Loud March 21, 2017 Posted in: Podcasts

Our guest is Rodger Price, who is an executive coach and owner of Leading by Design. Today Rodger talks to us about effective communication. He tells us why communication is an issue in most companies, and why effective communication is hard, despite the fact that most people think they’re doing it well. He gives us tips for improving communication, and talks about the importance of communicating what you say through your behaviors as well. He also stresses the importance of sharing significant messages “many different times in many different ways.”

The Core Competency of Creativity March 14, 2017 Posted in: Courtney Feider, Podcasts

Our guest today is Courtney Feider, who is an executive coach, a pioneer in the field of creative disruption, and a faculty member for TCL. Courtney talks today about the power of comfortable creative environments and the results of a creative exercise with HP. She expands on the ROI of creativity, putting creativity on the business agenda, and intentional innovation supported by the business model. And she pinpoints how to start to encourage creativity in your company.

Gender Partnership in Business: The Game Changer March 5, 2017 Posted in: Podcasts

Our guest today is Chris Steely, who is a global business advisor, an NCAA national rowing champion, U.S. Marine Corps Officer, and author. Today Chris talks about the importance of gender balance in leadership. He gives us some statistics showing that companies with both men and women in executive positions perform better than those with only men. He also talks about the Institute for Gender Partnership and the “Men as Allies” movement. We discuss the science and biology of genders, the leadership strengths of men and of women, and how owners can structure their organizations to function more effectively.


Courtney Feider Speaker Reel March 21, 2017 Posted in: Courtney Feider, Video

Courtney is an executive coach and dynamic speaker who believes that creative voice is the x-factor for modern business. Courtney speaks about the myths of creativity, the benefits of creative disruption, and the emergence of new leadership. She presents proven details that help align a balanced, intuitive, and creative process for clear culture change, talent acquisition, management, and return-oriented brand shifts. Courtney is available for full- and half-day retreats, keynotes, and general presentations.

Pushing Back Entropy Program March 7, 2017 Posted in: Andy Johnson, Video

In this short video, Team Health Specialist , Andy Johnson talks about  the conflict resolution program, based on his book “Pushing Back Entropy,” that focuses on moving teams away from conflict and towards health. 

Digging Underneath the Surface of a Problem February 28, 2017 Posted in: Video

In this short video, TCL Faculty Member, Wade Johnson gives you tools to encourage Conceptual Thinking with your team and actions to improve this leadership skill on a day-to-day basis.

Ron Price Speaker Reel February 21, 2017 Posted in: Ron Price, Video

With a dynamic delivery style and decades of knowledge, Ron Price is one of our most in-demand speakers. For over 35 years, Ron has been helping leaders enhance individual and organizational effectiveness, profitability and growth. A member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), Ron has a strong history of delivering dynamic, interactive presentations to a wide range of organizations. His focus is on helping audiences and clients fulfill unrealized potential for future success. He is available for keynotes, company events, trainings, and executive retreats.