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We help companies solve challenges and develop new ways of thinking.



Developing and attracting stellar employees.

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Discovering and developing your next big idea.

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Transforming company culture for optimal results.

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Building high-performing leaders and cohesive teams.

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Who We Are

We are a team of advisors helping companies navigate challenges in culture, people, innovation and leadership. Our clients value our high-touch, personalized service and the diversity of our associates—who each have a career’s-worth of expertise in their respective sectors.

Many consulting firms emphasize one side of the equation or the other—profit or people. Price Associates seeks a complete approach in our work with individuals, teams and organizations.

We help companies grow and change their worlds by serving the whole organization, beginning with leaders.


I have developed many teams in my career, working with various coaches and development tools. I would recommend The Complete Leader to any team looking to gain self-awareness. You will develop tools and insights that will remain valuable through your career and even into your personal life.”

—Errik Anderson, Compass Therapeutics

Get The Innovator's Advantage

The Innovator’s Advantage has transformed the innovation continuum, outlining the six stages of the process and giving algorithms to predict success. It brings together two essential components—an outlined framework and the science of skills and talent assessments—and shows you how to apply them.

Whether you are an aspiring innovator, an early-stage entrepreneur, an executive, an investor, a leader of an incubator, or an innovation consultant, this book offers you a sure-footed path for starting, developing, and achieving sustainable innovation outcomes.


What We’re Thinking

Tomorrow Will Be a Better Day July 20, 2017 Posted in: Blog

Leadership Lessons From Poverty in India

Imagine waking on a thin sleeping mat each morning to the scratching of a rat near your head, or wishing daily that you could have just one glass of milk to yourself, or being kicked out of grade school because your family couldn’t afford the modest tuition. That was life growing up for Ramesh Shah in Bombay. But Ramesh’s story has a happy ending. Today he lives in Saint Charles, Illinois, and is the Chief Quality Officer at FONA International, Inc. He has held several Director and VP positions throughout his accomplished career. And he attributes his success to the life lessons that his father taught him. Read More

Introverted Leaders Workshop: Challenging the Myths Surrounding Introversion and Leadership July 19, 2017 Posted in: Andy Johnson, Video

In this short clip, executive coach Andy Johnson talks about his work with leaders on the introverted side of the spectrum. Andy offers a workshop to help “quiet” leaders overcome the myth that introversion and leadership don’t mix, and to walk away with new insights into the strengths that they can bring to their teams as an introverted leader. To learn more about the workshop contact Andy at andy@price-associates.com

The Not-so-soft Side of Empathy July 17, 2017 Posted in: Ron Price

Host Dale Dixon and The Complete Leader author Ron Price talk about the often-misunderstood skill of Empathy, and why it has been identified as one of the most important skills for leaders in the 21st Century. Ron defines Empathy, gives leaders tips to develop the skill, and tells us why Empathy is a core building block for many skills that leaders need.

The Five Elements of Practiced Creativity July 14, 2017 Posted in: Blog, Courtney Feider

By Courtney Feider

Change is a state that happens in every business and in every person; it’s impersonal and an inevitable fact. Transition is more of a psychological shift and requires a person to feel the feelings of change and lean into—or away from—a move that alters their reality and transforms what’s next. Disruption is an election, a transformative decision. It’s the ownership of possessing a change and transformation process and further adopting the opportunity to put the timing of those changes into motion on your own timetable. It’s about powerful, passionate moves and completely owning the story, the success, the failure, and all of the outcomes. Read More