What We Do

We help companies solve challenges and develop new ways of thinking.



Developing and attracting stellar employees.

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Discovering and developing your next big idea.

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Transforming company culture for optimal results.

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Building high-performing leaders and cohesive teams.

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Who We Are

We are a team of advisors helping companies navigate challenges in culture, people, innovation and leadership. Our clients value our high-touch, personalized service and the diversity of our associates—who each have a career’s-worth of expertise in their respective sectors.

Many consulting firms emphasize one side of the equation or the other—profit or people. Price Associates seeks a complete approach in our work with individuals, teams and organizations.

We help companies grow and change their worlds by serving the whole organization, beginning with leaders.

I have developed many teams in my career, working with various coaches and development tools. I would recommend The Complete Leader to any team looking to gain self-awareness. You will develop tools and insights that will remain valuable through your career and even into your personal life.”

—Errik Anderson, Compass Therapeutics

Get The Innovator's Advantage

The Innovator’s Advantage has transformed the innovation continuum, outlining the six stages of the process and giving algorithms to predict success. It brings together two essential components—an outlined framework and the science of skills and talent assessments—and shows you how to apply them.

Whether you are an aspiring innovator, an early-stage entrepreneur, an executive, an investor, a leader of an incubator, or an innovation consultant, this book offers you a sure-footed path for starting, developing, and achieving sustainable innovation outcomes.


What We’re Thinking

Conceptual Thinking (Series Ep. 2) November 20, 2017 Posted in: Dale Dixon, Ron Price

Host Dale Dixon and Executive Advisor Ron Price continue their discussion of Conceptual Thinking. Ron peels back the layers of conceptual thinking and lays out how concepts are joined together to create a model. He talks about the role of paradigms in conceptual thinking, and how to train your mind to observe the assumptions that drive both thinking and results. He gives tips to improve conceptual thinking in practical ways, and ideas to involve others in the process.

Don’t Normalize Conflict November 15, 2017 Posted in: Andy Johnson, Blog

By Andy Johnson

I’ve been thinking, writing and speaking about conflict in different contexts for about twenty years. Shortly after the release of my 2014 book that focused on conflict prevention, I was asked to address a lunchtime Rotary club meeting in my home town. I had prepared what I thought was a nice talk describing the way many of us avoid the topic of conflict (like we do taxes, death, and other depressing subjects). Thus, I was surprised when the audience overwhelmingly started telling me about the goodness of conflict. They had all been convinced that conflict, which we used to fear, was now our friend in the workplace. Read More

Intro to Conceptual Thinking (Ep. 1) November 13, 2017 Posted in: Dale Dixon, Ron Price

Host Dale Dixon and Executive Advisor Ron Price talk today about Conceptual Thinking, starting by defining the term and what it means for a leader. They talk about the evolution of org charts, and conceptual thinking’s role in creating a better future. Ron outlines some of the ways he helps leaders and their teams develop conceptual thinking, and gives tips to unfold this type of thinking in your own life.

3 Leaders Who Made an Impact on My Life November 6, 2017 Posted in: Blog, Whit Mitchell
And the Lessons I Learned from Them

By Whit Mitchell

Throughout my life I’ve been fortunate to learn lessons from many great leaders, and even some lessons from leaders who weren’t so great. But I can specifically name three leaders who had a significant impact on my life’s purpose and direction. The lessons I learned (and sometimes continue to learn) from these leaders have been far reaching, and hopefully you’ll find some wisdom here too. Read More