What We Do

We help companies solve challenges and develop new ways of thinking.



Developing and attracting stellar employees.

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Discovering and developing your next big idea.

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Transforming company culture for optimal results.

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Building high-performing leaders and cohesive teams.

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Who We Are

We are a team of advisors helping companies navigate challenges in culture, people, innovation and leadership. Our clients value our high-touch, personalized service and the diversity of our associates—who each have a career’s-worth of expertise in their respective sectors.

Many consulting firms emphasize one side of the equation or the other—profit or people. Price Associates seeks a complete approach in our work with individuals, teams and organizations.

We help companies grow and change their worlds by serving the whole organization, beginning with leaders.

I have developed many teams in my career, working with various coaches and development tools. I would recommend The Complete Leader to any team looking to gain self-awareness. You will develop tools and insights that will remain valuable through your career and even into your personal life.”

—Errik Anderson, Compass Therapeutics

Get The Innovator's Advantage

The Innovator’s Advantage has transformed the innovation continuum, outlining the six stages of the process and giving algorithms to predict success. It brings together two essential components—an outlined framework and the science of skills and talent assessments—and shows you how to apply them.

Whether you are an aspiring innovator, an early-stage entrepreneur, an executive, an investor, a leader of an incubator, or an innovation consultant, this book offers you a sure-footed path for starting, developing, and achieving sustainable innovation outcomes.


What We’re Thinking

Problem Solving (Series Episode 1) March 21, 2018 Posted in: Dale Dixon, Ron Price

Host Dale Dixon and and Leadership Advisor Ron Price discuss a skill that impacts all of us: Problem Solving. Ron talks about building this skill as a leader, and the additional leadership skills that are involved in problem solving. He gives his three steps to examine and solve a problem, including questions to ask yourself to understand a problem in a more comprehensive way, questions to understand the framework for a problem, and questions to discover the right combination of people to solve it. He and Dale talk about making intentional problem solving a habit instead of simply a reaction. Ron talks about how he began to look at problems differently during his career, seeing them as “opportunities with work clothes on.”

What Really Motivates Employees March 16, 2018 Posted in: Blog, Lori McNeill
(Hint: It’s Not Money)

By Lori McNeill

Are employees at your organization disengaged? Do you find it challenging to get buy-in regarding initiatives or tasks that are critical to your success? Maybe you need to re-think your approach …

Employees Crave Autonomy
As adolescents, we were told what to do on a regular basis: what time to get up, what time to go to bed, what to wear, what to eat, and on and on. That approach is not necessarily motivating for kids, but it is necessary to teach them discipline and routine, and is necessary for their health and safety.Read More

Personal Accountability: Taking Responsibility for Your Efforts and Results March 14, 2018 Posted in: Ron Price, Video

In this short video, Ron Price talks about the importance of personal accountability for leaders. He discusses the greatest obstacles that leaders face in developing personal accountability and what they can do today to improve this skill.

It’s OK to Fail: 5 Ways to Face Your Fears March 9, 2018 Posted in: Blog

Eat the frog; a strange but oft-used mantra a family friend lived by. Essentially, “eat the frog” is another way of saying “just do it” or “face your fears.” If there’s something you need to do, and you have to do it whether you want to or not, you are better off to just get it done and get it off your plate. Eat the frog.

No matter where we are in life, we all face some sort of fear. A recent grad has fear starting a new job. An established sales executive fears not hitting a sales quota. A company president fears lower revenues or losing control of his staff. A person fears losing a friend’s respect. These fears impact the decisions we make. Many times these fears are so strong, they hold us back from achieving our true potential. Read More