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We help companies solve challenges and develop new ways of thinking.



Developing and attracting stellar employees.

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Discovering and developing your next big idea.

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Transforming company culture for optimal results.

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Building high-performing leaders and cohesive teams.

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Who We Are

We are a team of advisors helping companies navigate challenges in culture, people, innovation and leadership. Our clients value our high-touch, personalized service and the diversity of our associates—who each have a career’s-worth of expertise in their respective sectors.

Many consulting firms emphasize one side of the equation or the other—profit or people. Price Associates seeks a complete approach in our work with individuals, teams and organizations.

We help companies grow and change their worlds by serving the whole organization, beginning with leaders.


I have developed many teams in my career, working with various coaches and development tools. I would recommend The Complete Leader to any team looking to gain self-awareness. You will develop tools and insights that will remain valuable through your career and even into your personal life.”

—Errik Anderson, Compass Therapeutics

Are you looking for the next big idea?

We can help.

What We’re Thinking

Enhancing Managerial Prowess in a Whole New World September 26, 2016 Posted in: Podcasts, Price Associates Blog, Ranjit Nair PhD

Our guest is Dr. Ranjit Nair, who is a leadership, people, and talent management expert; author; and executive coach with Price Associates. Dr. Nair talks about the changing workforce, the emerging need to motivate multiple generations, and learning to manage virtual workers. He also shares what he thinks is one of the most important leadership skill—the power of empathy–and how to measure and develop it. 

All About the Brand September 20, 2016 Posted in: Podcasts, Price Associates Blog

Today our guest is Rick Stott, CEO of Superior Farms, an American lamb company. Rick talks about the branding challenges that his company has faced, and how his team redeveloped the brand and messaging. He gives his thoughts on creating new products, leading employees through a brand change, and ideas to get them to buy into a new direction. superiorfarms.com

family-business-conflict The Top 3 Causes of Conflict in Family Business, and How to Begin to Diffuse It September 16, 2016 Posted in: Andy Johnson, Blog, Price Associates Blog

By Andy Johnson 

My first career was in architecture.  My father was an architect and it came naturally to me as well.  Right out of college, I took a job at a local firm that specialized in school design. Read More

Developing Next Gen Leadership September 12, 2016 Posted in: Podcasts, Price Associates Blog

Today our guest is Bill Tom, managing partner of Infoquest, certified Exit Planning Advisor, and faculty member for The Complete Leader. Bill talks about the nuances of succession planning. He gives tips for identifying the next generation of leadership in your company, uncovering their values and skillsets, and why it’s critical to align Millennial values with the values of your organization.